Well, things have been kinda hectic around the homestead lately. Between my mom having to go to so many doctor’s appointments these past few weeks (a story for another time), trying to make oodles of jewelry to put in the store and up on my etsy, and the family holding onto funds for living expenses in general, it feels so-so here. The pictures I took to post up in my store all have that stupid time stamp in the corner (which I didn’t put there and is also very wrong). Example:

Now I’ll have to take all of the photos over and take that dumb setting off of the camera. I do realize that my photos are a little dark, even with the low budget lightbox I made, but that isn’t something that the photo editing software I have can’t fix.

Well, I’m going to have to conserve my funds well, especially since gas costs out the wazoo, and I plan on visting friends and bringing wonderful surprises with me this weekend.