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I’ve been working at a big department store recently, and I’ve been staying at a friend’s place so that I wouldn’t have to commute an hour each way to work. Since she has no internets, I have not been updating, and I haven’t even had time to work on any new jewelry.

The good news is, however, that I will be receiving a lovely paycheck, that will help me pay off some overdue bills, and maybe even allow me to purchase that wonderful silver-clay starter kit that I’ve been eyeing on firemountaingems. I’ve worked with silver clay before, and even made a few pieces for my very first job (when I worked at a pottery painting studio when I lived in Spartanburg). More than likely, though, I will put it towards the “I Need Transportation Fund”.

Well, here is a picture of some jewelry that I made weeks ago:


So I have been working on a new line of jewelry (very early, but good and promising stages). The whole idea started when I was making cards to hang my earrings from in my mother’s store. I was using white textured cardstock, and I decided to give it a little life by drawing random squid-like creature on them. Most just had one squid on them or a part of its body, but a few of them had two little squiddies. Then I happened to draw one picture with two squids holding tentacles, and I immediately wrote under it “Squid Love”. I knew that I would have to make some pieces.

The problem, however, is that my markers can’t continue to make those clean, tiny lines that I like (and I can’t afford to buy more like them–pretty expensive). After sulking about how overpriced Adobe Illustrator is for the past few months, I came across a relatively similar program a couple of days ago–Inkscape (

I know that I’m probably behind on the bandwagon to praise Inkscape, but my prayers have been answered! And now, I been trying to churn out some squids so that I can eventually print them out and most likely put them in resin. Here are some of my (blurry) babies (since I’m not quite sure how to make the resolution better once it goes from the illustrator program to the photo editing software:

Well, off to do more squids!

I’ve been making seahorse and crane (origami, of course) earrings lately. Origami has been a little bit of an obsession when it comes to the jewelry making for the past few weeks. I know that is definitely not The Main Thing that I have to offer to handmade goodies, but I guess since I have so much Yuzen and Aizome Chiyogami Paper in my many “craft cupboards”, I figured that I might as well use them.

The cranes are more tedious than the seahorses, though, mostly because they are a lot smaller. It is pretty difficult to make all of those precise, teeny folds with my ginormous fingers or even a creasing tool. But, if I had made the seahorses smaller, I’d probably be saying the same about them.

Now, as for my original ideas that I’m waiting to surprise everyone with, I’m finding it really hard for me to get the right style or look for one line I’m working on. I’m going to call it “Forgotten Fairytale” or “Forgotten Folktale” (leaning more toward the latter), and it’s based off of this unusual dream I had. This dream was more like water color drawings and I could hear someone telling me the story of what was happening during the story. I know that it is a love story with a not so happy ending. I think that this could become an actual storybook, with paintings of different scenes, (and even jewelry) but I just can’t seem to remember all of the story, and I don’t know where to begin. Let’s not even talk about the fact that my painting/drawing skills are very sub-standard. I don’t want anyone else to have to illustrate for me, so this whole idea will be a very long and drawn out process for me.

There is also the issue of it being really long or really short. I feel that if I turn this into a really fleshed out story, it will be excruciatingly long, but I want to be very to the point, like most fables or folktales are. I just haven’t found that balance yet. In the end, I feel that I will be more content with it if I work on the story more, and work on my artistic talent more (and also get way better tools and supplies than the ones that I have now).

I have officially posted something in my etsy store! I tried to post more than one thing, but etsy seems to be not working right now. I finally feel like I have accomplished something by letting people know that I make jewelry and am confident enough to try and sell my creations. Once I knit some more pieces, they’ll be going up too! Here are a few items that I will list on my etsy once it’s running again:

Now, I have to finish gathering my things for this weekend. I’m going to see a friend at her senior recital in Spartanburg and do some catching up!

Well, things have been kinda hectic around the homestead lately. Between my mom having to go to so many doctor’s appointments these past few weeks (a story for another time), trying to make oodles of jewelry to put in the store and up on my etsy, and the family holding onto funds for living expenses in general, it feels so-so here. The pictures I took to post up in my store all have that stupid time stamp in the corner (which I didn’t put there and is also very wrong). Example:

Now I’ll have to take all of the photos over and take that dumb setting off of the camera. I do realize that my photos are a little dark, even with the low budget lightbox I made, but that isn’t something that the photo editing software I have can’t fix.

Well, I’m going to have to conserve my funds well, especially since gas costs out the wazoo, and I plan on visting friends and bringing wonderful surprises with me this weekend.

Now, I have a wee space just for my creations! Go me! After so long of talking about my knitting and jewelry, and blah blah blah, I have to put up or shut up. Now, if only I could work on being a slacker with everything else….