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So I have been working on a new line of jewelry (very early, but good and promising stages). The whole idea started when I was making cards to hang my earrings from in my mother’s store. I was using white textured cardstock, and I decided to give it a little life by drawing random squid-like creature on them. Most just had one squid on them or a part of its body, but a few of them had two little squiddies. Then I happened to draw one picture with two squids holding tentacles, and I immediately wrote under it “Squid Love”. I knew that I would have to make some pieces.

The problem, however, is that my markers can’t continue to make those clean, tiny lines that I like (and I can’t afford to buy more like them–pretty expensive). After sulking about how overpriced Adobe Illustrator is for the past few months, I came across a relatively similar program a couple of days ago–Inkscape (

I know that I’m probably behind on the bandwagon to praise Inkscape, but my prayers have been answered! And now, I been trying to churn out some squids so that I can eventually print them out and most likely put them in resin. Here are some of my (blurry) babies (since I’m not quite sure how to make the resolution better once it goes from the illustrator program to the photo editing software:

Well, off to do more squids!